VF map

Attached is a Michelin map with the towns I planned to stay in highlighted. The conditions I met on the ground required me to stay in other places along the way.
In France I stayed in hotels and B&B’s, which was expensive. I later met a dutch fellow, Jean Pierre, who told me that when he traversed France he stayed in the Salle de Fetes of many of the small villages he passed through. In Vercelli I picked up a list of religious organizations that hosted pilgrims, and much preferred to stay in them over hotels because they were less expensive, and there was usually good company.
There were usually not other folks staying there who were walking. Out of two months, there were maybe six when there were others who were staying at the same place and going the same way. In the sign-in books there was usually a half-week between visitors at the hospitaleros.


About Tarver

I am an architect living in Atlanta Georgia. In the summer of 2010 I walked from Ronchamp, France to Rome, Italy, about 1200 miles. I walked about 20 miles a day for 62 days. This blog is to recount the steps, stories, and images from that walk, with the intent of providing some useful information for those thinking about making a long walk, and those for those who wouldn't dream of it.
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3 Responses to VF map

  1. Jonas Ewe says:

    Hi Tarver,
    I read your post Dec 7th and the previous ones too. I look forward to the next one.
    I hope you don’t think there is no point in writing your blog and give up.
    Your blog theme is beautifully simple and easy to read, so keep it up. I like your test picture.
    Any from Ronchamp?

  2. aunt Edie says:

    Hey! I finally figured out how to follow this blog in the proper order and simply was enthralled with your first 2 – 3 entries. And I second the opinion of the first girl who posted. Keep it coming! I’ll let others know to look it up and I hope they’ll gain from it the insights I have into you, your art, your architectural sensitivity and your growing spirituality.
    Wish I had the health to do something like this and infact am going to look into that…

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